Thursday, March 31, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday - Cubbage Family Bible

The blogging prompt "Treasure Chest Thursday" challenges us to write about a family treasure, heirloom or other item that is important to our family. Today I will share the Cubbage Family Bible.

This Bible belonged to my great-great grandparents, James Cubbage and Barbara Black Cubbage who lived in Butler County, PA.

The cover is falling off, but is absolutely beautiful! Inside of the Bible are many family treasures: letters, a few pictures, a lock of hair, some dried flowers, newspaper clippings and obituaries, little cards from Sunday School. Some are clear as to which family member they are from, others are not. The biggest treasures inside of this Bible though, are the handwritten pages.

In between the Old Testament and the New Testament are pages that list marriages, births and deaths. The "Marriages" page is blank, but the "Births" page lists the birth dates for James and Barbara's nine children (transcribed below:
Nancy Cubbage was born October the 28 1853
Sarah Cubbage was born March the 6 1855
George Cubbage was born February the 3 1857
John Cubbage was born September 21 1860
Jacob Cubbage was born May 1 1863
James L Cubbage was born October the 19 1865
Mary ann Cubbage was born February the 8 1868
William H Cubbage was born May 1 1870
August the 3 1873 Charles Cubbage was Born (this entry is in a pen that is different from the other entries).

The next page lists two of the children's deaths:
Nancy Cubbage died January the 14 1854
Mary ann Cubbage died November the 20 1882

The information (and handwriting) in this Bible is such a treasure! I will post more about some of the other items with stories about Cubbage family members.


  1. I'm really enjoying your blog! My name is Allison Sciullo (nee Cubbage) from Pittsburgh, PA. The Cubbage family bible you have is so beautiful! My grandfather (William Louis Cubbage) left me all of his genealogical pursuit records when he passed away a few years back. There are many handwritten letters between Cubbages around the country, trying to piece their puzzles together...what a task they all had before the internet! Looking forward to more of your postings.

    1. Thanks Allison! That's winderful that you have your grandfather's records and letters! Who are some of your grandfather's ancestors? My Cubbage line goes back to John Cubbage (born about 1790) in Butler County. I wonder if we are related?

  2. I will have to look through the binders and make some copies for you. Apologies in advance as it might be later than sooner! I imagine that there is some connection, there are not very many Cubbages that settled around this area. Coincidentally, I live very close to Butler County, PA. (The county line is about a mile from my home.) I hope to get you some data soon, until then, enjoy your autumn!