Monday, March 21, 2011

Military Monday - Art's Discharge from the Navy

This is the last in a recent series of posts about my grandfather's Naval service during World War II. William Arthur (Art) Cubbage received his Honorable Discharge from the US Navy on April 9, 1946, just short of two years from when he was inducted. At the time of his discharge, art was a Yeoman Second Class.

Art's Naval Separation paper's had a wealth of information about him at the time, including his address and occupation, both before and after his service, schooling, and Naval insurance and pay.
Art's wife Agnes went to Norfolk at the time of his discharge. Here are pictures of Art's Naval housing and a picture of Agnes in front of his home during his service.

I love this picture of Agnes and Art (except that his eyes are closed!). I found it in a folder from The Windsor House, a restaurant in Norfolk, VA. The date written on the back of the photo is April 9, 1946 - the date of Art's discharge. I can imagine them enjoying a nice dinner together after being apart for two years.
After his discharge, Art, went to Pittsburgh and then back to Akron, OH with his family. They lived at Hillwood Homes which was housing for Veterans, and Art worked for the Railroad again.

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