Monday, March 14, 2011

Military Monday - US Navy Yeoman Art Cubbage

This is the second post about William Arthur (Art) Cubbage's time spent in the US Navy. After completing Service School Command in 1944, he spent the remainder of his time in the Navy at the Personnel Separation Center at Shelton, Virginia.

Camp Shelton was an armed guard training center , but at the end of World War II it served as a separation center. Art was a Yeoman and most likely worked in the offices at the PSC. I am pretty sure that Art is at the far right on the phone in this picture.

As a Yeoman, Art performed secretarial and clerical work. Yeomen dealt with visitors, telephone calls and incoming mail. They organized files and ordered or distributed supplies. They wrote and typed business and social letters, directives, forms and reports. They also maintained files and service records.

The insignia the uniform of a Yeoman is crossed quills with the nibs down.

In this picture of Art (click for a close-up), you can see the insignia under the Navy eagle. There are a handful of pictures of Art and his friends and fellow Yeomen during his time in the Navy. Only a couple are marked, so we can only guess which are from Training at Great Lakes and when he was a Yeoman in Virginia. One picture is of the Fifth Naval District building, which was at the Norfolk Navy Yard. There are others that are most likely of the Norfolk area.

Art is on the left in both pictures. The woman in the picture to the left and the man in the picture to the right show up in several of Art's Navy pictures. I am guessing that they served together, as they both have Yeoman insignia on their uniforms.

These were probably taken at the Norfolk Navy Yard.

Stay tuned for more about Art's discharge from the Navy.

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