Saturday, March 19, 2011

Surname Saturday - Cubbage Reunion 1961

The Cubbage Family had a couple of reunions over the years since they were scattered around in Pittsburgh, New Jersey and Baltimore. In August of 1961, the Cubbage siblings and their families gathered at Art's home in New Providence, NJ. This picture is of all Cubbages, spouses, children and grandchildren.

Charles and Maine (Swank) Cubbage had eight children, but two (Leah and George) died as children. The remaining six children posed for this picture: Lester, Art, and Marge are in the back row and Marian, Minnie, and Babe are in the front row.

The next generation of Cubbages: Corky (son of Art), Marna and Jimmy (children of Minnie) are in the back row. Jeff (son of Art), Kathy (daughter of Marge) and Gene (son of Minnie) are in the front row. Lester's son George was not at the reunion. Marian and Babe never had any children.
Three generations and the first Cubbage grandchild: Minnie with her daughter Marna and her son Richard.

The children of Charles and Maine (Swank) Cubbage:
-Charles Lester "Lester" Cubbage, born 1 Jan 1904, died 4 May 1970
-Marian B. Cubbage, born 31 January 1905, died 8 May 1990
-Leah F. Cubbage, born 1906, died 1920
-Minnie Beulah Cubbage Reabe, born 10 January 1908, died 20 March 1987
-Gladys I. "Babe" Cubbage Martin, born 24 June 1910, died 23 February 1990
-William Arthur "Art" Cubbage, born 31 December 1912, died 5 December 1996
-Margaret "Marge" Cubbage Cenkner, born 11 November 1914, died 16 November 1998
-George S. Cubbage, born 1919, died 25 December 1921

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