Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another "Out of Town" Wedding

I am slowly entering all of our research over the past years into Family Tree Maker. As I am working on each person, I am double checking info and sources online. I found a reference to Charles Lester's (Pop-Pop's brother) marriage certificate which I thought was a different Charles Lester. We have a newspaper article from the Monessen Daily Independent that announces Lester's marriage to Gladys "Happy" Griffith on October 25, 1940 at the Dormont Presbyterian Church. Dormont is located between Monessen and Pittsburgh and it is where Happy's parents lived.

So when I found a Charles Lester Cubbage that was married in 1933, I didn't think anything of it until I saw that the bride's name was Gladys Griffith. I was able to find the original document and it WAS Lester and Happy! They were married on May 13th, 1933 in Morgantown, WV by a Lutheran Minister. (click on any of these images to see them larger).

So here is another Cubbage who went away to get married. It's interesting that Lester & Happy didn't "officially" get married until 7 years later. I wonder if young people did that at the time, although Lester was 30 and Happy was 24 when they were married in WV. And they were older for that time period when they married in the church in 1940 (37 and 32). Also, I wonder if any of Lester's siblings knew about it and if that influenced Art & Agnes' decision to get married in Connellsville. Hmmm, we'll be left wondering...

Here is a picture of Lester (I don't have any of Happy).