Friday, March 11, 2011

Fearless Female Friday - Agnes Speck Cubbage

In going through the pictures of my grandfather's time in the Navy during World War II, I often think about how hard it must have been for his wife, Agnes. I am sure that she was thankful that Art stayed stateside during the war and was only stationed in Illinois and Virgina. Art was 31 years old and had two young children, which is probably why he ended up as a Yeoman.

Art was inducted into the Navy in April of 1944, just a few weeks after their second son, Jeff, was born. Art, Agnes, Jeff and older brother Corky (almost 3 years old) were living in Akron. When Art left for Basic Training, Agnes and the boys moved to Pittsburgh to live with her mother and stepfather (Elizabeth and Charles Merz).

I think of what is must have been like for Agnes, with an infant and young boy, her husband away for two years, and living with her mother during a war. D-Day would be just a few months into Art's time of service. It's hard to imagine her life and the uncertainty of that time.

Here are some pictures of Agnes with Corky and Jeff during that time, both probably taken in 1945. I can guess that these were sent to Art while he was in the Navy.

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