Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sports Center Saturday - Ice Hockey & Skating

This is a picture of my father Corky's hockey team in 1957 - the New Providence Rangers. Also on the team was his brother Jeff, and the head coach was Joe Dill (who lived next door to my father). The uniforms were maroon and white and had been donated by Summit High School(they were old football jerseys). My father's thoughts on the hockey team:

"We played in a league (can't remember the name) and games were at Branch Brook Park Arena (outdoor) in Newark on Sunday mornings - 6am (we had to get up at 3am!). The other teams were Summit Redwings, a team from Cranford and I think Chatham & Engelwood. We also played some independent games with private schools like Lawrenceville & Oratory. They had their own rinks. Great Times."

My father lived in New Providence, NJ as a teenager, and the Passaic River ran along the back end of their yard. It would freeze over in the winter and Corky, Jeff and their friends would play hockey there as well.

Check out the boots as goals!

Corky and Jeff on the Passaic River in 1960.

What a skater!

Fast forward around 20 years and here I am skating in the same place with my sister, brother and mother.

That's my grandfather Art, on ice skates (at age 68), taking our pictures!

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