Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Alexander Burd's Obituary

Alexander Burd died on this date, February 21st, in 1925 in Natrona, PA. Alexander was my great-great grand uncle and the father of William Harrison Burd, who I wrote about a few days ago.

Alexander "Alex" Burd was born in Canada, but spent most of his life in Natrona, which is part of Harrison Township, PA. His wife, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Ryan died sometime before 1900 and his son William lived with Maine Swank Cubbage (William's cousin) for most of his life. After his wife's death, Alex spent most of his life working as a laborer in the chemical works or salt manufacturing plants.

Alex's obituary lists his son, William, of Monessen, and two daughters. I believe that the daughters are a misprint. Mrs. Amos Conners is his sister, Jane "Jennie" Burd and Marion Swank is his sister Marian Burd. He is buried in Mt. Airy Cemetery, which is in Natrona Heights, PA.

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