Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday's Obituary - Leah F. Cubbage

About a month ago, I wrote a Wednesday's Child post about Leah Cubbage, my grandfather's sister. In that post, I noted two possible causes of death, but had no further information at the time. I just received a file of old Cubbage records and early genealogy research that was started by my father! In it was a photocopy of Leah's obituary, I am assuming from the Daily Independent in Monessen, PA.

This obituary confirms some things that we know, but also has some information we didn't know too (like that Aunt Mag [Mrs. Speedy] was living in Florida at the time) This file also had a sheet of paper with a list of birth, death and marriage dates in my grandfather's handwriting. It lists that Leah was born on June 16, 1906 and died on July 12, 1921 which we didn't know. These dates may not all be correct or exact, but it gives me a starting point for some of them which is great.

This photocopy of a picture of Leah was in this Cubbage file too! I have a picture just like it of my grandfather by the same chair with the same dog. I'll be posting more of these wonderful finds as I sort through them, as well as updates to previous posts as I confirm or disprove other findings in the Cubbage tree.

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