Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter ... a Little Late!

The kids are back in school after spring break, so I can get back to my blog again. I had hoped to post this for Easter, but the week off got the best of me (we did have fun though, right boys?).

Here are a couple of pictures of my father, Corky and his brother Jeff on Easter after they moved from Pittsburgh to New Providence, NJ.

This is a picture of Corky and Jeff (ages 14 and 11) with neighbors on their front stoop on Easter in 1955. If you look closely, there are two baseball gloves and two dogs (Skippy and Topper). I'm guessing the brothers were playing catch before or after church.

This is a picture of Corky and Jeff on Easter in 1956 (ages 15 and 12). The slide had a lot of red spots on it, so I turned it into a sepia image to hide them a little bit.

This is a close-up of Corky and Jeff, again in 1956. Happy Easter!

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