Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Funny - Our Family Tree and Fish??

I'm sure you are wondering how I'm going to connect my family tree to fish (no, there won't be a pedigree chart for these guys!). My youngest son finally got a fish tank! He's been asking for a while and got some Petco gift cards for his birthday. So after returning from vacation, we went right out to get the tank, supplies and the fish. It was decided that we would get some "starter" fish like guppies and platties (while we figured out the tank, feeding, etc.), as well as all males (we didn't want a bunch more fish!).

After we got everything set-up, he said that he needed to see my husband's family tree. Why, you ask?  To get names for his fish! He already knew some of my family names (I had been working on charts for a family reunion) but he needed some from my the Draper tree! My little guy named three after Cubbages (Arthur, George, Lester) and three after Drapers (Otis, Moses, Ernest).

What a funny guy he is! Instead of naming his fish after SpongeBob characters or athletes, he chose names from his family tree. It made me smile and chuckle! I often wonder if they are paying attention when "Mom is going on about genealogy stuff again."  I guess some of it is sinking in!  Thanks E-Man!

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