Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday's Obituary - Maine Swank Cubbage

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Maine Swank Cubbage, my great grandmother, died on August 7, 1938 in Monessen, PA. The obituary states "While she had been ailing for some time, Mrs. Cubbage had only been confined to her bed for several weeks." Her death certificate states that the principal cause of death was "Carcinoma Pancreas?" and then "From history and observation and x-ray most likely pancreas".

I found a photocopy of the following doctor's report in some old family files that my father has. I do not know if this typed document is a transcription of the original or if it is a copy from the original letter. Either way, it summarizes some of her medical issues.

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There is no date, so I am guessing this was in 1929 or 1930 based on the details in the letter. I did a quick search of Dr. Henninger, and he was listed in a medical journal as Department of Neurology, University of Pittsburgh and Psychiatrist, St. Francis Hospital, Pittsburgh. Aside from her many medical issues, I found the following most frightening:

"Eight or nine years ago had acute attack of pain in Hypogastirc region, radiating into right shoulder, which require heroic doses of morphine to relieve ..."

These documents paint a possible picture of Maine's life and medical issues. It's hard imagine what she was going though, especially with eight children and other family members in her home. Below is the only picture that we have of Maine (middle of back row), along with daughters Marian, Marge, Minnie and an unknown woman.

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