Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Memories

The Cubbages moved from Pittsburgh to New Providence in 1953. My grandfather's slide collection has many pictures of my father and uncle in the annual Memorial Day parade in New Providence. An earlier post shows my father, Corky, marching in the parade with PAL baseball in 1957.

My uncle, Jeff, is holding the flag on the left in 1954.

My father, Corky in holding the flag and wearing a yellow neckerchief. This is also in 1954 and was their first Memorial Day in New Providence.

This picture was taken in 1955. Uncle Jeff is in the front on the left (by the balloon) and Corky is to the right, behind the boys with the yellow neckerchiefs. We can see the Presbyterian Church in the background.

Fast forward 25 years ...this a picture of me with my siblings and cousins sitting on the curb in New Providence watching the parade in 1980.

We all decorated our bikes and then rode down from my grandparents house to Springfield Avenue to watch the parade. Wonderful memories!

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