Monday, February 7, 2011

Military Monday - US Naval Training

William Arthur Cubbage (Art) (my grandfather) was inducted into the US Navy on April 17, 1944 in Akron, OH (he had been living in Cleveland). He was 31 years old with a wife Agnes, and two young sons (Corky was 3 and Jeff was only 3 weeks old).

Art went to "boot camp" at the US Naval Training Center in Great Lakes, IL. All recruits began their Naval careers at the USNTC for orientation and training. Below is a picture of Art's Company on May 11, 1944. While he was away in the Navy, Agnes, Corky & Jeff lived in Pittsburgh with Agnes' mother.

Art went on to complete Service School Command on September 22, 1944. This school was organized to train selected personnel who had completed basic training and showed a skill or talent during this training or recruit testing. He was in Section Y6-1, probably Yeoman School.

Art is in the second row, second from the left. It is interesting that in all of these pictures, he is not wearing his glasses which he has on in almost every other picture of him since high school. More Navy pictures to be posted later.

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