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Church Record Sunday - German Baptismal Record

Elise, Adolf and my mother in Germany, 1952

My grandparents, Adolf Haberkern and Elise Gegenheimer, along with their daughter, left Germany and immigrated to the United States in 1952. In the many papers and memorabilia that belonged to them, are several church records from Germany. Many of the documents are dated from the fall of 1957, but for events that happened much earlier. I do not know if my grandparents had gone back to Germany at that time or if they asked a family member to obtain the records. The certificates are all typed, presumably copied from the church record books.

My grandparents' citizenship papers are dated November 1957 and I wonder if they had requested these records from Germany as a part of the naturalization process. Below is a record that they obtained for my grandfather's grandfather.

Extract from the Birth and Baptismal Register

The Evangelical Parish: Stein near Pforzheim

Year 1869  Book --  Reg. No. 82  Page 512

Last and First Name: Haberkern, Jacob Friedrich
born: 13 Oktober 1869 in Stein
baptized: 21 October 1869 in Stein

Last and First Name: Haberkern, Christian
Profession: Weaver in Stein
[religion or church]: Protestant

Maiden and First Name: Jäger, Christine
[religion or church]: Protestant

Other Information
(about about the producer, grandparents, godparents): Godparents: Friedrich Haberkern, goldworker and his wife Christine, nee Sauter - Ernst Kaucher, farmer and his wife Elisabetha, nee Sauter - Christ. Huf, farmer and his wife Luise, nee Jäger

This record is for the birth and baptism of my second great grandfather. It records Jacob's parents' names, as well as the names of his Godparents. While the record does not list relationships, the Godparents include both of the parents' surnames. I'm happy that I found these with the other records. I don't know how long the Haberkern family was in Stein, so this adds another generation. I'll post more of these records soon!



Evangelische Kirche Stein (Königsbach-Stein, Baden Württemburg, Germany), "Auszug aus dem Geburts und Taufregister" [Extract from the Birth and Baptismal Register], (privately held, [address for private use] NJ, 2014), Jacob Friedrich Haberkern baptismal certificate (1869), issued 1957, citing Reg. no. 82, p.512.

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