Thursday, February 13, 2014

Treasure Chest Thursday - Art's Pictures of Agnes

My grandfather, Art Cubbage, was the photographer of his family. He wasn't in many of the pictures, so I am thinking that he was the one behind the camera most of the time. Art took pictures of his family and friends on holidays and at family events. I have written about his awesome slide collection (dated and labeled!), but the black-and-white earlier prints were just a great (but not labeled). While Art's posed pictures of family in front of the Christmas tree were nice, it was his candid shots of his wife Agnes that I love the most.

I absolutely love this picture! It's in these candid shots of Agnes that I feel I get to know her better (she died when I was six years old). Some of the older pictures (like the one above) have the date that the picture was developed printed on it, so it gives me an approximate date that it was taken.

I like this one because it shows their kitchen in New Providence in the 1950s. I remember visiting in the 1970s, but some things had been updated by then. I wonder what she was saying when Art took this one.

This series of pictures isn't labeled at all, but by the background I think that they were taken in their backyard in New Providence, so it was probably taken in the 1950s.  

Clearly something happened after the first two shots and Agnes is now smiling and going towards Art. This one really shows a more playful side ... different from the posed pictures.

Many of Art's pictures are of Agnes doing everyday activities ... cooking, drinking coffee, reading the newspaper. I love these snapshots of their life together.

This is one from the slide collection. Obviously it was double exposed with another picture on the bottom. Even with that, I like her seriousness and expressive hands while she is talking. Agnes almost looks a little sad, but there are poker chips in front of her. Maybe she lost! Again, I would love to know what she was talking about.

Another picture of everyday life ... talking on the phone. I can remember where the phone was in the hallway. I like the glimpse of the bedroom in the background.

Even in this posed shot, I love Agnes' expression and the way her sons, Corky and Jeff, are looking at her.

A more serious, pensive picture of Agnes. The red lipstick is a contrast to the simple housecoat.

I am so thankful for all of the pictures that my grandfather took, especially the ones of my grandmother. I wish I had seen them years ago so I could have asked him about them. Lesson learned ... ask your family about pictures now so that we aren't leaving it up to speculation years later!

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