Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day - Cubbage Couples!

For Valentine's Day I thought I would post a few pictures of Cubbage couples. I don't have too many pictures, so if any you Cubbage cousins have any, bring them to the reunion!

Art Cubbage and Agnes Speck, circa 1945, New Providence, NJ

Gladys "Babe" Cubbage and Bill Martin, circa 1941, probably Monessen, PA

Margaret "Marge" Cubbage and George Cenkner, circa 1946, Belle Vernon, PA

Minnie Cubbage and Harry Reabe, 1961, New Providence, NJ
(I don't seem to have any others of Minnie and Harry)

Dad and Mom, 1961, New Providence or Summit, NJ
(look at how young they are!!)


  1. What a great blog topic! This really creates a great "environment" for the pictures and shows the individuality of each couple.

  2. Thanks! I have some great old pictures and try to find ways to get them posted. And yes, you can definitely see some "personalities" in these pictures!